Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No Title

This outfit is all about comfort and fun. 

Shirt: pennyworth vintage 

Belt: thrifted 
Jeans: Sass and Bide 
Wedges: Urban Soul -Myer

Sunday, February 26, 2012

f r a n k i e

Couldn't be more proud to be smacked on the cover of  f r a n k i e. They have some beautiful crafty ideas, a lovely layout and great textured pages. Also their facebook page is something worth checking out -->they have great links to interesting and beautiful things.

Monday, February 20, 2012

How Much is Your Pennyworth?

Bracelets from my Australian handmade label: s.e.v.

If you know me, you know I love secondhand items, they are generally really unique pieces that are at super affordable prices -and to be completely honest, even though they've had more than one life, they are generally of such a higher quality than most things that are sold as-new in stores today! 

Pennyworth is a new online vintage store selling second-hand goodness! I discovered them through the wonderful frankie facebook page. This outfit post was inspired by the lovely pennyworth vintage floral shirt, that put a smile on my face for way too long than any material thing should! I've teamed it with an incredible Surry Hills market find (ahh yes, I told you my wardrobe will one day be entirely from that market!) a girl (young woman) was selling it for $10! The strap was torn, but I had some spare gold metallic leather scrap at home, so I saw the bag as a bargain and more than worth the effort of restoring. $10 and 10 minutes later, I have the most amazing handbag ever! It fits e v e r y t h i n g (except for my pushbike! But my bike fits it, so everything is just heaven!) Anyway this bag and shirt have made me the happiest person ever - and I know I have a serious problem when material things being able to make me smile all week long ...but it's a problem I am OK with ;) 

Hope you all had a fun wk-end! I bartended and turned into a granny all at the same time, completely spent for energy.

Floral shirt: pennyworth - vintage
Shorts: custom made -vintage jeans hacked into shorts
Bracelets: s.e.v. - handmade
Bag: Surry Hills market - secondhand

Friday, February 17, 2012

I n s p i r a t i o n

One of my favourite editorials from BIBA magazine -France, August 2008 

(Selected images are shown, not all from the editorial)

Realisation: Ana Caraman
Photos: Benoit Peverelli

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

C O L O U R  S a s s  &  B i d e

T-Shirt: Sass & Bide (

Denim: Sass & Bide (
Belt: U-Turn, Crown St. in Surry Hills (secondhand)
Boots: Some oldies but goodies, got them in Athens and wore them like crazy for a few years! Had a broken zipper on my way to a job in Paris in the SNOW! (which equalled one very cold leg for the day!) But with a good shoe repairer and another polish (due now!) they are still in damn good wack! 
Bracelet: s.e.v. (

I love the texture of the print and the sequins on this t-shirt. It also made me feel like booming it together with some more colour, hence the shorts! Am very addicted to the eclectic sparkle feel of Sass & Bide at the moment. Also, even though we are still in our prime summer month, the universe doesn’t seem to agree, hence the boots! We never know to take sunnies, a brolly, jumper, scarf or singlet these days …so I’ve prepared for all sorts.

Hope everyone’s having a great week! ♡

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

ECO Denim Aging Process

I know lately all of my posts seem to be DENIM! DOUBLE DENIM, DENIM DENIM DENIM.... But I've come to realise I just love the fabric, I wear it almost every day (almost) in some form, either pants, shirt, vest or jacket. It is the fabric that has stood its ground and survived since the 1800s!

To the point ----> Certain fabric manipulation techniques have been utilised to fashion denim, the most popular being techniques to bring about worn effects which is usually created by sand blasting the fabric or stone washing it (I found a stone in the pocket of my denim shirt the other day, I thought it was quite a discovery). Both of these processes have a tough hit on the environment; stone wash requires several cycles of washing with stones that wear away at the fabric (unnecessary waste of water and washing cycles) and sandblasting is toxic and hazardous not only to the environment with hazardous chemicals being used, but also to the workers who undertake this process, '[s]andblasting is said to cause silicosis, a potentially fatal lung disease linked to illnesses in several factory workers in Turkey who allegedly breathed in silica dust particles while sandblasting' ( I imagine those chemicals would stick around too, so imagine when you try on jeans in the change room of your local store, and you have all of those toxic chemicals seeping into your skin (maybe it's not quite that dramatic, but what if it were and no one was telling us?!) 

Fimatex has fortunately come up with a more eco-friendly way of creating this popular worn-in look for denim. It's a fading process that is created using 100% vegetal waste and is said to be completely biodegradable and have ZERO impact on the environment. SO this is what we should all be looking out for ---->Jeans that used Fimatex's eco-aging process and no other! Why should the environment (and human life!) still pay when there are better/smarter alternatives out there? It's not worth paying for those cheap $20 jeans (And ...I'm not naming names, but over here a big company are advertising $10 jeans!! Whom I have definitely boycott completely -If you are proud to sell a pair of pants that the total cost is much less than $10 in order to retail them at that price, then you should be extremely embarrassed and considered dangerous to the WORLD!)

Remember the saying:

'I'm not rich enough to buy cheap 


Check out the quality, it's better to invest in good quality, ethical clothing than cheap crap that will fall apart and need to be replaced.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm HERE -O!

I disappeared, I tried to do too much and didn't sleep enough last week -and therefore got sick for a week! A WHOLE WEEK! I feel like I want to explode and do a million things again ...but I've temporarly learnt my lesson, take it slow and sleep a decent amount, because being sick is just not fun.

I'll tell you what is fun though -discovering a new cafe with a unique, delicious and quite diverse menu selection and AMAZING choice of non-dairy milks! (OK that is maybe only extremely exciting for us non-dairy milk drinkers ....but I'll just pretend for the sake of this post that there are lots of other people who don't enjoy dairy milk and have the conflicting problem of knowing that too much soy is also bad. TO the point --->this cafe offers organic rice and organic oat milk options for coffees/drinks, and is just incredibly amazing because I usually make myself oat milk coffees/teas at home and always wished/wondered why no cafes took it upon themselves to offer oat milk instead of soy! FINALLY the milk gods have answered and voila Organic O Café exists on Crown St in Surry Hills! 

I have had the best dine-in and take-away experience there recently, and am so excited to return. 
O Café, Surry Hills. Oat milk latte with a side of honey.

And yes I know -people who photograph their meals and drinks are supposed to be annoying, but I honestly couldn't care less, because this photo just makes me SO HAPPY!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oh no it's not about sweeping the streets, but about S W EEEEE P I N G THE STREETS (with fashion)!

I've entered the This&That Surf stitch competition: Fashion Street Sweep Competition

------- These are my three street style snaps that I've entered with -------

Style Inspiration: Denim is a key player in my wardrobe, I like to mix it up with country-style leather boots or soften its aesthetic with delicate lace or classic sandals. I am someone who starts the day not knowing how it will end, so my style often contains a textured contrast of layered pieces -a scarf that is big enough to use as a shawl if the afternoon wind starts to bite, or a top worn as a vest etc. Overall I tend to feel like a country-girl in the city, with an eclectic, romantic vibe about myself.

I'd really appreciate it if you don't mind the way I 'organise' my clothes on myself to give me a vote, just go HERE and click how many stars you think I deserve.


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