Saturday, September 24, 2011

S u n,  G r a i n  and  T h o u g h t s .

Catching some afternoon sun, ended with myself being caught. Somehow images are a result of freezing time. My little sister turned 9 today, I wish I could take a water slide ride back through time and visit the days that have passed since she was born. My memory seems to fail me all too well, I can only remember fragments of things, or specific events, it seems it was better then though compared to now -these days I have trouble remembering what happened 2 days prior! I think it's what's in the water, I've switched my nice-smelling deodorant for a non-aluminium one that completely fails me on hot days (: /) and trying to alternate my fluoride toothpaste with a non-fluoride one, but nope this memory is even worst than an 80 year old woman's. 

On an aesthetic note,  I like the grainy effect in this pic. I've had a hair cut, but it has already grown again -there's something so magical about short hair, it seems to grow faster.

Silk, lace singlet from Galerie LaFayette in Paris

Friday, September 16, 2011


I've been obsessing over loose-fitting, oversized shirts and kimonos lately -I definitely think it has something to do with not having much time in the morning; can't go wrong teaming a shirt or kimono with any plain outfit.

The above pics. are from my womenswear hand-in that I completed this morning, and is also a big reason why I've had to live off 5 hours of sleep each night (early wakers, don't tell me that's nothing -I loveee my sleep and my bed!) This morning was the worst, I got everything except for two sketches for our catalogue draft completed, but my brain felt like it was done, fed up, so I decided to close my eyes, for 40 mins at 7am this morning. I swear no matter how organised you are in this class (and apparently the industry), the last night will always keep you up, because you can just keep going and keep perfecting little things -I'm going to have to learn to give that up and visit my pillow more often though; I honestly feel like I'm getting to old for this kind of thing, it was much easier when I was 18.

The kimono is made from linen, with a foiled cotton centre front and centre back layer detail. There's pockets with a print detail on the inside, buttons and fastening are all gold tone, and you can either wear it with the sleeves closed (i.e. no shoulders being revealed!) or open and loose like in the front pic. This was a rush pic. for my hand in today, so will have it properly pressed and see if I can get some better pics. to post another time. For everyone else who I saw working on their projects at uni over the week-end, wish you luck and a lovely catch-up day of sleep after it's all done.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Diana Sar for   H a r p e r ' s   B a z a a r  -Russia

So remember our favourite Diana Sar who I have mentioned to watch -well here's another reason why! Added to her book is this new editorial in Russia's Harper's Bazaar; loving the look!

P.s. I am still around, have temporarily disappeared from cyber space due to an overload of uni work, friend's birthday trip up to Byron Bay and work work -am getting back on track and will have some outfit posts up as soon as I can ♥


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