Friday, August 12, 2011

Bonnie Remember That?

One of my favourite memories is my trip to Berlin with my fantastical friend Bonnie! She had the best two connections over there, who took us to the best op shops one could ever hope to visit -especially when you find one that takes payment by the kilo!

That levi's vest was thrifted in Berlin, and I love everything about it -it suits pretty much any outfit, and is the comfiest thing ever.

B e r l i n   I   h o p e   t o   s e e   y o u   a g a i n   v e r y   s o o n

The names:
Vest: Levi's vintage
Shorts: Vintage Levi's cut offs -available HERE
Belt: No name, thrifted from U-Turn in Surry Hills (LOVE that store!)
Shoes: Peep Toe
Scarf: My step-mum's
Wolf Ring: Serpent and the swan (YEP I found it again! It was behind my clothes draws!! Was hysterically happy when I spotted it!)
Moth Ring: Serpent and the swan
Bling Ring: I don't remember, bought somewhere on a travel trip

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

S k i r t s  and  L e a t h e r
Summer you tasted so sweet while the calender told us it was winter's turn. He's back now, and I miss you like crazy -I'll just pretend you're hiding around the corner with a metal baseball bat, waiting for the right time to kick winter's butt!

Today's look.
Leather Jacket: Vintage 80s (acceptably) stolen from my bf
Vest: Vintage Levi's
Silk/Cotton Singlet: Passionata
Cotton Skirt: Funky Femme -Newtown
Socks: Something from my childhood (I know, weird! But I had a cool mum who bought me sweet ass boots, that suited over-the-knee socks)
Leather Boots: Tommy Hilfiger (will wear these out until the sole cannot be repaired again)

Monday, August 1, 2011


New photos on the SUKI hairdressing website. Photos taken by the lovely Emmanuel Giraud + styled by the beautiful Heather Cairns of Tangent Mag. 

(The SUKI team were so kind and the best kind of fun to be around on a job)

Am currently avoiding uni research work that is due on Thursday -hope everyone who goes back this week is doing OK! A big S H*****T for us. BUT it's only now 4 weeks until winter get s kick up the bum, so lets hope the semester passes smoothly and the sun awaits us after class for a bit longer each day until Spring.


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