Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Day of Grace


A cloudy day at Tamamara Beach with dolphins surfing the waves was a perfect setting for this shoot. It wasn't too cold to be in swimmers, and the light is much softer than it would have been if the sun was out. Really like the mix of soft swimwear with edgy make-up and hair, glad to have worked with these wonderful ladies. Check out the final pics. below that I found on Grace Cassio's site

P.s. these are the swimmers that made me fall in love with We Are HANDSOME and will definitely be checking out their range for next summer's suit.

Photographer/Director: Grace Cassio
Hair: Tara Sutton
Make-up: Renea Latta
Model: Sarah Elizabeth @Priscillas

Monday, May 16, 2011

It's Not Just about F A S H I O N
Peter Says:
For the week of May 16-20 I'm going to spend just $2 a day to cover all of my food. Every day 1.4 billion people survive on the equivalent of what $2 can buy in Australia. That's $2 worth in THEIR CURRENCY not just for food, but clothing, shelter, transport, everything - not to mention obscene Western luxuries like health care or education for their kids.Now I really REALLY like eating, so it ain't going to be easy... I'm envisioning a lot of water, rice and lentils. What's that you say? Isn't that what us almost-vegans eat anyway? Firstly, screw you guys! Secondly, no! I'll be giving up nearly all of my diet, including my sorely needed 7-8 cups of tea/day.In saying that, it's a week. And we really do need to remind ourselves just how ridiculously lucky we are....please do give big and support this initiative. All money raised goes to an awesome cause. And just as important for me is the awareness raising, so if you just get more interested in the issues from this then I'll be over the moon. In saying that, if no-one donates then this page is going to look pretty sad, so hit me up!Thank you!!

(Click on the pic or HERE to go to his site to read more or to donate securely over the net)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I n S p i r a t i o n    P i c s.
With  m a g i c  dust

From Niskaari blog

The beautiful Karin from Wunderlust

The beautiful Karin from Wunderlust

Taken from Wunderlust

The beautiful Karin from Wunderlust

Karin from Wunderlust has some extremely romantic pics. on her blog -even though I sometimes feel I should hide it, I really love the right shade of soft baby pink + anything reminiscent of a fairy. 

Somehow when I'm out sourcing second hand clothes, a little kid's fairy dress always gets picked up to be smiled at (don't worry, it gets put straight back down too!)

Really love Karin's pink skirt in the second and third pics. -her photos are just so beautiful and mysterious. I could imagine that skirt being worn even with a plain t-shirt and some boots ...and leather jacket? Either way I really want one too! o:) 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

S e e i n g   V i n t a g e


Thanks to wonderful La Mode En Rose for the incredible giveaway  of these stunning vintage sunglasses! I picked up my package from the post office last week and got butterflies and jitters in my tummy when I opened the box! They just looked so cool wrapped in big bubbles of bubble wrap and the lovely Young and Ukraine business card complimenting the whole vintage style. Young and Ukraine curate vintage goods and sell them on their etsy store online, click on their name to visit their shop -they've got some pretty damn cool pieces available! 

W h a t   S i l v e r   T e e t h   Y o u   H a v e (Grandma Jones)!

My jewellery piece obsession of the moment is this lovely solid silver teeth charm + chain! It's from the Love & Luck sister brand Boutique Sydney whom I now spend my Sundays working for at the Rocks Market (love my job!) The charm is moveable -so the jaws open and close. And actually a girl who bought one two weeks ago inspired me to see it in a very admirable way, somehow it's just a cool, different piece to wear; the juxtaposition of sweet sterling silver with teeth that have a bit more of a tough image to seems to form an interesting harmony. What do you think, works well, or too strange?? x

Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Generation Designers RAFW
(what I wore)

Arj Selvam
(Great tailored pieces)

(Sexy modern designs with a unique, edge to each piece)

Poppy Lissiman
(Eye-popping colours with soft, flowing fabrics.)

- All images (except the very first) have been sourced from 's RAFW sectionClick HERE to check out all the rest of their great shots from the shows +backstage! -

...and that's another year of Rosemount Australian Fashion Week gone and dusted.

Friday, May 6, 2011

M o r g a n  (@RAFW)

Was too sick with a fever, ear aches, and a head that felt it was going to explode at any moment, to even think about taking some snaps at RAFW today. However I did manage to get these of model Morgan after the New Generation show, wearing her latest dress from Marnie Skillings. The bodice part of the dress is all quilted (again, lovely texture worked into the Marnie's designs!) 

Also these shots show the make-up and hair from our New Gen. show, which included a wonderful eye-popping magenta pink lip from the mac team. (I had a fun pair of make-up artists from Malaysia working on my face today, really cool and great at their work!)

Hope everyone has had a good week, and is either at home resting tonight or out partying wonderfully! I wish I was doing the latter, but decided a week in bed if I ended up more sick was not quite worth it. ♥ 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

 E c l e c t i c   R o m a n c e   with Marnie Skillings SS 2011/2012

My first look

The gold-dipped shell necklaces are just incredible!
They are like mysterious good-luck charms
that would work with any outfit.
Eve from Priscillas in her first look

My second look

Adhiel from emg in her second look

Eve from Priscillas in her second look

Yifan from emg in her second look

Yifan from emg in her first look
The eclectic looks all work really well!
i.e. the print of the hat contrasted with the
floral print of the dress and fluffy texture of the
feathered cardigan
Lauren from Chadwicks

Adhiel from emg

Check out the studded bag! Really love its aesthetics
of texture

Once again, really think the print of the hat works
well to complete the look -especially with the
lovely shell necklace too!

Lauren from Chadwicks
Somehow the prints once again create a really
pleasing aesthetic being altogether in the same look!

All images taken from click HERE to go to the direct link for their RAFW section.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Marnie Skillings RAFW
Here's some behind the scenes shots from Marnie Skilling's this afternoon. The hand tattoo/jewels were just incredible!! I didn't manage to get any shots from our first looks because of the tight schedule, but the people who were there to do that seemed to have done a good job. Had a great time, Marnie's concept of eclectic textures, layers, accessories were absolute heaven to me. 

Adhiel from emg

Christina from Hair Romance

Glitter hands

Yifan from emg

My looks


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