Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Castings`with`Armour ``
Found this embroidered beauty for only $30! (Reduced from $149.95)

But after buying it I wondered how could they sell it for so cheap when I
would hope the person who embroidered it got paid MORE than $30!

Wish there was a way for the consumer to control factors like that!
Definitely reducing purchases from fast fashion chain stores would help!! 
Which I definitely try to do, but it's tough when you buy an expensive brand
and then find out it was made in a third world country for almost no cost! So how do 
we know when we can pay the extra to support ethically made clothes? The only way I know is by purchasing clothes made in the country of my residence -so for now, Australia!

Grabbed my second hand denim vest( + scarf) to keep extra
warm while getting to and from castings.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Inspiration Pic. of the Day!
Model: Lisa Bommerson
Just absolutely loving these colours, the hair, make-up, styling ...and of course the model! There's something so feminine, yet so strong. It also appears so modern, but with a strong sense of ethnic elements too -maybe that's to do with the colours and the shirt?

This wonderful photo was taken by 
Igor Malax (Also known as 
Sebastien Jardini) from Paris. He's a wonderful person, full of inspiration + positive energy!

Have a great week-end everyone!

Friday, April 15, 2011

T h o u g h t s

OK Vintage Clothes are definitely taking over my headspace at the moment! They are so inspiring!!

Here's my latest inspiration pic. I want a jacket exactly like this but in a bit bigger size! Etsy has a great range of vintage pieces, and that is where I found this beauty.
Available at evamaniadesign on Etsy - HERE

I got given some of my lovely neighbour's old clothes that she didn't want, and felt in absolute heaven -there's something about getting a bag full of second hand clothes (AND BAGS!)  to sort through that just thrills me. I know some people can't even stand the thought of rummaging around bins of second hand clothes, so in that sense I will accept to be the 'dirty child' who does, WITH PRIDE! :0))

P.s. I got a really cool Donna Karan t-shirt from my neighbour, and I love the fact that it was her favourite t-shirt that she wore all the time.

P.s.s. Fashion week castings have officially begun ...and it's tough.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vintage is a Fashion Love Affair!

I love this girl's style! Her hair, her skin ...her calm energy! I'm no doubt probably going to get my ass a tiny bit kicked for sharing these shots, but I absolutely adore them!

She's my new partner in crime, when it comes to finding some damn good + fun vintage pieces to mix through your wardrobe! 

Tahlia wears: 

+Vintage ḧOWardshoWërs yellow ochre high-waisted jeans (made in Australia!)

- Available to purchase from Etsy HERE

+Vintage belt 

+her own lovely black + white striped singlet.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Some Soul lovin' from SUKI

Had a lovely shoot for Suki hair today, with the lovely Emmanuel from Tangent Magazine, which turned out to be really wonderful -the team were just great! Such pleasant people with nice senses of humour. Don't know what it is about hair stylists on jobs, but they always seem to be bursting with personality and give a good laugh to everyone. The day started out  poorly for me, with the wrong call-address e-mailed to me, which saw my morning include an unnecessary train ride, followed by an unnecessary bicycle ride uphill through Paddington (at 7:30am!) ...that then saw me having to re-track my steps back to my starting point near home!! Luckily a team like the SUKI team today just made the whole day completely worthwhile (with a tasty veggie wrap fro lunch!) 

A lovely dinner followed with friends + family saw the evening turn into absolute magic. I guess you just sometimes need to have a bad start so that you can appreciate the rest of the moments which are full of fun! What's life without a bit of balance?! 

My look for my SUKI day today:

Hair Scarf: vintage (my step-mum's mum's scarf that she passed on  to me!)

Singlet: s.e.v.

Vest:  a find from our soon-to-be vintage project

Feather necklace: s.e.v.

Leggings: (can't tell you!)

Boots: Unknown boutique in Kolonaki, Athens

Hope you've all been having a pleasant week-end! And if not, don't worry we all have our bad days, but in the end time balances it out (+ kind people seem to speed that clock up!)

Friday, April 1, 2011

-Outfit Post

Ivana Martyn-Zyznikow
After Prix de Marie Claire Show -love this girls style!

So simple + effortless, yet so damn cool!!

Check out my post from last year
here that featured some
of her styling work on stunning model Bambi

She always has the most amazing jewelry! Simple designs
that just add an amazing element to any look!

I catched a sneak peak of this beautiful Choé bag from
 Ivana's handbag + had to grab it to have a closer look!
It was so pretty! This shade of pinky/neutral is my favourite right now!


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