Monday, January 17, 2011

1980s -Would Love to Dance (in neon lights with these RIO Girls!)

How cute are these girls!!! And not just cute -they also have an intense sexy 80s feel to them and their style. Check out the teaser of their new song and visit their facebook page here.

The Girls in the lights are:
Bonnie Strange
Jackie Hide
Marie Nasemann
(All from GERMANY!)

Can't wait to see the full version of the clip!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Barry Commoner

With the insane floods happening up in Brisbane I thought I'd share this notion -and stress how we all need to consider even the small ways in which we are harming the environment.

‘Commoner notes….that humans participate as members in Earth’s environmental system, but paradoxically they exploit the environment in an effort to produce wealth for themselves’ (Paulins and Hillery 2009, p.118). Barry Commoner has been trying to make us understand and take control of the weight of our footprints that we each leave on Earth ever since 1971 with his first book TheClosing Circle: Nature, Man & Technology.He explains the concept of living in two worlds, the natural world and our own creation the technosphere with ‘homes, cars, farms, factories, laboratories, food, clothing, books, paintings, music, poetry. We accept responsibility for events in our own world, but not for what occurs in the natural one [although] ….droughts, floods, and heat waves may become unwitting acts of man’ (Commoner 1990, p. 3). 

His concept could not reign any more true than it does in the mass-produced fast-fashion sector. Fast-fashion is created by product developers, who are people that take key trends and sometimes specific designs from the catwalks of London, Milan, New York and Paris; they then re-interpret or as some prefer to say, rip-off, the chosen trends, elements and designs. (I'll get into the nasties of fast-fashion as much as I can throughout this blog -share my thoughts on things I find out).

So please have a think about this and next time you buy a $20 top made in another country other than the one you are residing in -if it looks like cheap quality and won't last, don't say it's OK because you can just throw it away + buy a new one, the end of that top's journey does not end in the garbage bin; it continues to landfill and the toxic dyes absorb into our soil that we plant our food in! So hence a lazy $20 top that won't last long is actually a camouflage of  poisoning, firstly, our Earth, and then also OURSELVES!
Wish List Books
Kate Fletcher's, Sustainable Fashion and Textiles: Design Journeys (2008)
Barry Commoner's, Making Peace with the Planet (1990)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Credit to CYPRUS 
                                                                                 Kristy Marie Agapiou (above)
Being flown to Cyprus for one of my first proper editorials, turned into love at first sight! The people, the place, the FOOD... and the general ambience of the island was just amazing, Returning with some friends for the 2nd Fashion Week just added to the love for the country, the culture and buzz of FW had me in awe, and the event organisers and designers were so hospitable -everything felt like home away from home, added with a tiny bit of amazing culture shock.

During my trip a couple of months ago to Greece, I was so lucky to be flown once again to the amazing island for Harper's Bazaar and Madame Figaro (as seen in earlier posts). I got to experience a wonderful location shoot at a castle! And a magical dinner with my friend and his parents -hospitable, and welcoming is only an eighth of how I could describe the experience!
The amazing location for Madame Figaro -November 2010

The wonderful team -prepping!

The make-up artist bought me this cute, soft little souvenir bear which had me in shock, because I thought it was so sweet! (At the end of the day, she is just there to do her work, so I couldn't really believe she had bought me a present -once again, CYPRIOTS are just so warm +welcoming!)
Wanted to share this snapshot to show the spectacular work of the make-up artist! If only I had a small clue on how to use make-up like that!

..and now to the main reason of my post -Cypriot Model Beauty:
Kristy Marie Agapiou! She has mystical, attention-grabbing, soft brown eyes, strong defining eyebrows (which I'm incredibly jealous of!) Porcelain, olive skin, and beautiful subtle curves.

I met her at the Cyprus 2nd Fashion Week, and along with her killer looks -she has a really kind heart, and I'd guess a high level of empathy too. Hope to see this beauty working across the globe at some stage!

Love the sunnies in these two shots! Wish I knew which brand they were!

Kristy is with DIVAMODELS in Cyprus.

Monday, January 3, 2011


Thanks to Otis for snapping this for me!

Here is one of my women's sheer, cotton, over-sized singlets. I found it great for tossing over my swimmers while away on holiday -they are super light and airy, and display hints of the body's silhouette underneath, without the close up details (which was handy after those naughty hot chips on the beach!)

 This singlet in particular, is in peach (and once again, is 100% Australian made!)

The sunglasses are by Chloé -I liked them so much because they are a modern version of this vintage pair that I got from Crown St. in Sydney (but the lenses were unfortunately too scratched to be feel comfortable enough in!) It's great when you find a pair that don't frequent the streets too much! Hope I'll get to wear these a thousand times before the frame gets ripped off +massed produced.
Summer Lovin'
A week away up the coast was amazing, but of course not long enough. Thought I'd share some snaps.

Underwater Olympus μ850SW fun -no sharks in sight!

Something about horses makes my heart skip a beat! 

This is MEG! A unique soul -if the other horses were trotting to the left, she'd go to the right, if they were going next to a hill, she'd go over it! Adored her individualism. 

M E G ♥

Thanks to Dave for lending his handy hat -Australian sun demands a good one!


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