Friday, October 29, 2010

I adore these illustrations by Bec Kilpatrick, that I found in an issue of UTS Vertigo.

A couple more images that were taken from her website: 

Friday, October 22, 2010

A word of Advice. 

'When you fixate out loud on some physical part that you don't like about yourself, whether it's your thighs, your nose, your middle, or any body part you imagine to be your most grotesque flaw, you may be teaching your daughter that the whole package of "who we are" doesn't matter. Instead, we teach them to pick themselves apart and dissect their flaws....[w]e teach them to imagine that other people look at them and see only the things they don't like about themselves. And we teach them not to trust their own judgement about what beauty really is.' (Chadwick, d. 2009, pp 36 -37)

I had a friend ask me to watch her as she went down the catwalk to see how she did. A feature of her that I admired the most ended up being the thing she wanted me to check looked OK. To her it was a flaw but to my eyes it was a unique and beautiful feature -and so fashion!! I was in shock when she told me she was insecure about it. Just goes to show we all need to learn that flaws are generally unique features that set us apart from others -and should be our proudest elements of our bodies (or personalities)!

IMPERFECTION is PERFECTION! -Not sure where I saw this quote but I truly believe it with all of my soul!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Vrettos Vrettakos -ATHENS
Backstage -dressed.

Sofia (Greek model)
Annabelle (Greek Model)
Greek next top model, series 1. contestant with Nastasia (Belarusian model) 
Nikki (Greek model -1st face) 
Nastasia and mac.
Marine, Lauren ...
Marine (French model)

Lauren (American model)
Nikki and Lauren
Christiana (Greek model)
Vrettos Vrettakos -ATHENS

Backstage snaps.


Nikki (1st face)

Annabelle & make-up artist with great style.

Also love this make-up artist's style -matte red lipstick rocks!

Silvia, Spanish model sketching to pass time
My YSL shoes that I wore and desperately wanted to take home!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Orsalia Parthenis
Had a pleasant day fitting with Greek designer Orsalia Parthenis -turning up in my big goofy glasses due to an eye infection and not being able to wear my contacts, I was pleasantly greeted by Orsalia in her own stunning, bold pair of seeing glasses too.

S/S 2010

A/W 2009 - 2010

While admiring the to- be collection as it unfolded, I fell in love with a unique shirt. Already knowing I want to go and buy it, I was extremely excited when I found out just before I left that all the garments are designed AND manufactured in Greece; and not only that, the label is vertically intergrated! Which means that '…designers, marketers, cutters, sewers and knitters [are] together under one roof [which] reduces costs and improves quality control’ (Tungate 2008, p.323). 

Also another bonus is that models get a special deal! If you're currently modeling in Athens and are interested in the label, post your e-mail and I'll be able to tell you what kind of amazing deal we get.

Stunning Bridal Range

Click on images to make them larger

While we are being told Haute Couture is on its way out, Athens label Konstantinos Melis by Yiannis Laskos are invigorating the luxury.

All clothing from this label is designed and manufactured in Greece.


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