Thursday, September 30, 2010

Haven't managed to post recently, have been so busy with castings and enjoying the amazing Athenian nightlife once again!

I have although found out about a Greek label, that is more focused on the essence of Haute-Couture. On top of that the entire label is designed and manufactured locally in Greece too!

Also today I went exploring with my friend Victoria who is in town for a week, and we managed to find the best store with the best and CHEAPEST leather sandals, boots and woolen/army gear. As far as I know the leather sandals and boots (which I had to buy a pair of) are all produced in Greece from Greek materials. The woman there was extremely friendly, helpful and patient; was such an exciting discovery! Will post some details and pics. as soon as I get a chance.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Food for Thought
Barry Commoner's four laws of ecology ring in my head like a hummingbird flutters its wings. In every aspect of life these laws make sense, and should make you think about the environment not only in the fashion context but in every context. As stated in his 1990 book Making Peace with the Planet, the four laws are:

Everything is connected to everything else

This expresses the fact that the ecosphere is an elaborate network, in which each component part is linked to many others

Everything has to go somewhere
Together with the first, expresses the fundamental importance of cycles in the ecosphere

(Think about it -when you throw out an old t-shirt lets say, the end of the t-shirt's journey is not over once you've thrown it out. It becomes landfill and will stay there for years ...until it may finally break down depending on its fibre content, and the poisonous dyes will be absorbed into the soil etc.) A good alternative fiber in the sense of decomposing, is natural bamboo (not bamboo viscose which has the same high production impact on the environment as conventional viscose), so long as non-toxic dyes are utilised, this fiber decomposes the easiest from what I know so far. American Apparel have a good selection of bamboo garments.

Nature knows best

The ecosystem is consistent with itself; its numerous components are compatible with each other and with the whole

There is no free lunch
Meaning that any distortion of an ecological cycle, or the intrusion of an incompatible component (such as a toxic chemical), leads unavoidably to harmful effects.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Where are you Miss Strange?

Had to post this so-Bonnie outfit on here. Love the socks with leggings and boyfriend-style denim jacket. If I had to sum up Bonnie Strange (by day) this outfit would depict her completely! Missing my model-turned-photographer friend who is all the way over in NY, the land of peanut butter M&Ms. Looking forward to her return to Athens.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Favourite model in town

Diana Sar
177cm, 81, 61, 89

15 year old Romanian, Diana Sar, is my absolute favourite model in Athens right now. Her mid-length curly hair is just one of her unique features that makes her stand out in a casting line, along with her fresh make-up-free face and heavenly smile. 

After an injury that prevented her from continuing to train for athletics, this bright star turned to modeling, which has proved her successful so far; with a trip to New York earlier in the year. Naive she is not, the cutest part about her career is that she has a friend scanning in her school work so she can study while she's away! Hopefully Diana will dominate some of the Greek magazines next month, as I'm sure she will be featuring on, if not taking over, the NY catwalks next season! 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

LOCAL is key
Studying the Dress, Body, Couture subject last semester at UTS (University Technology, Sydney) really opened up my eyes to local designers and appreciating them even more. A key concept involved in making our world sustainable is to deal locally -buy your veggies from your local grocer who have been supplied by a local farmer, buy your clothes from a designer who designs locally and manufacturers them locally too! 

(On the veggies part there's a really cool co-op happening on Fridays and Saturdays at the beginning of a little lane way between Regent and Kensington Streets, running off from George St. opposite the University of Technology Sydney. They offer really affordable fruit and veg. only taken from local farmers and some of their own backyard stock -check it out, it's honestly cheaper than the supermarket, has a nice ambience and is sustainable!)

My posts have been so delayed because I was rushing to get last minute things organised and enjoy my last few days in Sydney without losing minutes on the net...

Am currently in Athens -surviving jet lag and full days of castings.

Guards at Parliament House,

Have absolutely no idea how those boys survive the heat in their tights and heavy uniforms!

The light in Athens remains to capture my breath.


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